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Kinetic Sculpture
Stainless Steel, Aluminium Alloy, Brass, Micro-Computer, Custom Software, LCD Panel, Microcontrollers, Custom Electronics, Stepper-Motor, DC Brushless Motor

The work is inspired by the moment of intimacy in eye contact and the indefinite variables in relationships.

“dist.” – the short form of distance or district. It is also a term widely used for mathematical and programming terminology for distance calculation. In this work, it represents as both relational and mathematical distance.

We encounter momentary connections with people in our everyday lives. We synchronize and repel with one another from time to time. Attachment and detachment; the rhythmic dance as well as chaotic crash between the two create a metaphor for the momentary, temporary relationship that exists between them.

The work involves kinetic intervention of the pendulum movement as well as the combination of digital sensors. The spinning discs are the only driving force of the pendulums. When the discs change their velocities, they create directional forces, altering the balances and trigger the pendulums to swing. The custom software of each pendulum generates random velocities individually, hence the rhythms of swings are always indefinite. When the screens swinging close to each other, they would rotate and avoid the crash, which is totally relied on the sensor value of the gyroscopes. The kinetic movement and the digital screens intentionally combine rational and irrational rules, presenting a relationship between the two identical machines.


不銹鋼,鋁合金,黃銅,微電腦,定制軟件,LCD 屏,微控制器,定制電子,電機。


“dist” – 是距離的簡稱 。它也是廣泛用於距離計算的數學和編程術語。在這作品中,它代表了人際關係和數學的距離。


這項作品涉及鐘擺運動的動力學和及數字傳感器的組合。定制軟件隨機決定可移動重量的位置,改變平衡,因此擺動的節奏總是不規律的。機械和LED 屏幕有意地結合理性和非理性規則,以不斷變幻的節奏, 表達藝術家當時對人際關係的個人情感。