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Solo Exhibition – Moving Average @ Goethe-Institut Hong Kong



dist.duo 相距 .倆
dist.visualcapture_1 相距 || 視感捕捉_1 , Undermine 傾覆
Undermine.interim_1 傾覆・暫_1
Undermine.visualcapture_1 傾覆.視感捕捉_1
dist.duo [concept sketch] 相距 .倆[概念草圖]
The Canvas of Resonance 聲幻共振
Artist Talk, Moderator Yeung Yang

“Moving Average” Media Art Exhibition by Kenny Wong Chi-chuen

【Hong Kong Arts Centre ifva X Goethe-Institut Hongkong】 co-present
ifva Awards winner Kenny Wong Chi-chuen’s solo exhibition

The solo exhibition present a series of works from 2016 to present, which places the focus on revealing his artistic practice and exploration of motion and its interpretation, by using computational kinetic sculpture to compose movement that shifts relentlessly in-between rhythmical equilibrium and unbalanced emotional state.

Attraction and repulsion. Constant and temporary. Deconstruction and reconstruction. We synchronize and repel with one another from time to time. Moving and unmoving can both be found in Kenny’s works. Tick tock, tick tock — the random beats of a pendulum from the kinetic sculpture dist.duo suggests a framed movement about the moment of eye contact. The crash of such hypnotized repetitive motion and the virtual images of the expressive gaze evokes a mounting sense of tension and emotion. Similar anxiety can be seen in the unstable spinning pace of a decomposed plasma screen in Undermine. The tendency of falling, the act of breaking something down into its separate parts, and the energy created by the unbalanced rotation conjures a sense of dangerousness and uneasiness to the viewer. Subtle vibrations can create impact too. The micro movement of metal sheets in The Canvas of Resonance cultivates motion poetically and wordlessly yet triggers sounds and blurriness with our association with moving images, creating a vague container that open for interpretation.

「Moving Average」黃智銓媒體藝術展
【香港藝術中心ifva X 香港歌德學院】

是次展覽將展出 黃智銓 由2016年至今創作的一系列媒體藝術作品,透過藝術家的創作實踐呈現他對「動態」這一概念及其闡釋的探究成果。黃氏作品經常利用電腦動力學裝置 觸發一系列持續動作/運動,時而達致均衡的節奏,時而又會打破平衡、造成不穩定的情緒狀態。

Exhibition Info

Artist Talk by Kenny Wong
15 Dec 2018 (Sat), 4:00-5:00pm
Moderator: Yeung Yang

Exhibition Period
17 Dec 2018 – 12 Jan 2019

Goethe-Gallery & Black Box Studio, Goethe-Institut Hongkong