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Steel, DC Motor, Stepper Motor, Linear Slider Microcontroller, Microcomputer, LED light, Custom Electronics, disassembled Laptop Screen, Custom software, Video

Undermine – to weaken or cause to collapse by removing underlying support, as by digging away or eroding the foundation.

“Undermine.waning” represents the psychological condition of the artist. There is two separate kinetic system and which relies on the motor side to trigger the video on the monitor. As a sub-branch from the work “Undermine”, this work is more focus on the reliance relationship between the two. At the same time that is spinning in high speed, it attempts to stabilize the LCD display with a video of a woman taken from overhead. To display the girl’s movement in a transparent screen, a normal LED Screen is disassembled, modified and backlit by a circular light. Together, the sculptural machine contrasts and balances a disturbing kinetic movement with the slow pace of a natural body movement. Undermine.waning plays on the balance of attraction and repulsion, on spin and counter-spin, and the sense of dangerousness and fragility. As a work it represents the constant maladaptive psychological status of the individual, in the constant act of balancing.

“Undermine” – 是指以被挖掘或侵蝕基礎來削弱根基,導致崩潰 。

傾覆.漸退》這個作品是代表著藝術家當時的心理狀態 。有兩個獨立的機械系統,它依賴電機一邊去觸發監視器一邊的視頻。這作品是《傾覆》系列的一員,而更是關於兩者之間的依賴關係在 轉動的同時,中間的液晶顯示器影像嘗試反方向轉動以顯示一個穩定的影像。這個透明的屏幕上 是通過拆件,改裝的LED 屏幕,再以一個圓形的燈顯示出女人的動作,這個機器產生令人不安的高速機械運動與女人的慢動作形成了對比 。作品引申出吸引和排斥力,旋轉和反旋轉,以 及危險和脆弱的對比和感觀。這作品代表了個人的一個漸漸下滑中的心理時期,正在不斷的尋找平衡點。