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“Human, I am lack of confidence” Solo Exhibition @ Tohu, Montreal, Canada



Exhibition Date: 9Feb – 12 Mar, 2017

Location: TOHU (2345, rue Jarry Est, Montreal, Quebec H1Z 4P3)

Vernissage: 22 feb 2017 (6pm – 8pm)

Facebook event:


“Human, I am lack of confidence” – organized by TOHU and Chromatic festival

We are now at the time when we are hoping that the new updates won’t generate new bugs, a perfect SIRI that understand emotions, a recognition software that apologies for its own mistakes, self-driving car that takes us to adventure . It is the moment to observe the process as a timestamp of technological changes, exploring failures as part of the important process, our ultimate attempts being to achieve accuracy and perfection and to go over our frustration to achieve an easier life.

“Human, I am lack of confidence”, are three collaborative works of Kenny with other media artists, Marco De Mutiis, Philip Kretschmann, and Chloe Cheuk. Looking back at their work between 2012-2014, me and my collaborators have been questioning about technology and the frustration as the end user of computer. For example, Google tries to interpret English while I am speaking in Cantonese, recognition Software tries to understand and communicate with our hand gesture, tracking software tries to scan for human movements, quad copter tries to cooperate and without crashing with each other. In these algorithms, recognition software usually try to find the closest match by measuring the “confidence level”, when there is a lack of confidence, they either failed to response properly or interpret unrelated answers. Ultimately, we might simply want them to stop being too smart and feel sorry for their mistakes.