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Interactive Installation
Dimension variable


Kinetic Light Installation

mirrors, servo motors, custom robotic components, Kinect sensors, microcontroller, custom electronics, computer, custom software


I was inspired by how the sunlight bouncing around in our artificial forest.


“Squint” is a kinetic light installation consisting of 51 mirrors that reflect lights in a bright space. The mirrors track and reflect lights on audiences’ face with composed patterns of movements. It extends the generated perception by focusing on how lights pass across our visual senses physically, and combines with our perception of images through flickering. “Squint”, which extracts various daily experiences to an abstraction brings the audience to expand their interpretation of lights and perceived imagination into a non-linear experience.



鏡子,伺服電機,定制機器人組件,Kinect 傳感器,微控制器,定制電子,計算機,定制軟件


《瞇》是一件置於明亮空間中的機動光影裝置作品,由51面鏡子組成。 鏡子依據特定程式追蹤光源並將光線反射於觀眾的面上,令我們透過影像的搖晃對光線有新的認知。


“Squint” simulates light source and intentionally shines lights on audience’s faces. Bright light is projected in the gallery, a clean bright space.

Everyday people are dynamically moving around in the city. Sunlight reflects and flickers even when it is indirect and hidden behind the artifacts. While we are traveling, we are experiencing motion. We are also experiencing the shift of light intensity, visual patterns and textures. The varieties of light forms inspire the artist to explore the potential of light textures, select and sort out the combined complexity in urban space. The artist turns them into a minimal form of light experience, while maximizing its diversity of perception.

“Squint” contains an array of generative patterns controlled by custom software. 51 robotic multi-directional mirrors are controlled by computer vision. It tracks the location of the audiences, and generates different reflection and flicker motions. Other than binary flickering, “Squint” explores the possibilities of how lights pass across the eyes in a split of second that creates flicker effect, the volume of light in sequence, and triggers perception beyond light texture passing through our retina.


Exhibition / Residency

  • 2016 – Invisible Threads: Technology and Its Discontents, NYUAD Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • 2015 – Test Exposure, 16th WRO Media Art Biennale , Wroclaw, Poland
  • 2014 – FILE – Electronic Language International Festival (FILE SP 2014), Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • 2014 – Fuse::Artist-In-Residence, Videotage, Hong Kong


“Squint” Solo Exhibition, Videotage

“Squint” @ FILE SP 2014 (São Paulo, Brazil)


  • 2014 – “Squint” Audiovisual Performance (With Dennis Wong aka Sin:Ned)




  • Chloe Cheuk (Graphic Designer)
  • Dawei Charitable Foundation
  • Lee Po Chu
  • Luke Allder
  • Wong Ching Fat
  • Wong Nai Yiu
  • Kowloon City District Council